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BPS Black Tea

BPS Black Tea Cheap price Certificate:HACCP, ISO9001-2000 Delivery ...

OPA Black Tea

OPA Black Tea Cheap price Certificate:HACCP, ISO9001-2000 Delivery ...

F Black Tea

F Black Tea Cheap price Certificate:HACCP, ISO9001-2000 Delivery ...

Star aniseed oil

Star aniseed oil Melting Point: 150 CBoiling Point: 2320 COil content: 80%Stability: stable under normal co...

Broken star aniseed

Broken star aniseed Appearance: well-dried, clean, no mounld and no fungusAdmixture: 1%Moisture: 14 % maxNatural...

Star aniseed

Star aniseed - Length of 2.5 cm or more - Moisture: 13.5% max - Impurity: 1% max - Broken: 8% - Pac...

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About us   We are, H&T 银河国际网址235 TRADING COMPANY LIMITED one of leading producers, suppliers, exporters located in 银河国际网址235. We have been spec...

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